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Social media is one of the most common and vastly used medium for internet marketting in this modern era and basically the job of a social media manager is to understand how to engage an audience and create a positive buzz around a company. A social media manager develops a company’s social media strategy and manages their social channels. This often includes Face book, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat, YouTube and Pinterest. Besides being the voice of a brand social media manager analyze the results of their campaigns by tracking engagement metrics such as likes, clicks and shares.

Some of the best Social Media Apps that we use are as follows:

1.Hoot suite- This is arguably the most hunted social media management app out there. It has a lot of different platforms besides it offers a wide range of settings and dynamic features. With the help of this app you can monitor and post to several networks including face book, personal profiles and business pages, Twitter, LinkedIn and others. Its inbuilt ability in custom analytic system it monitors selected keywords and various options to conveniently schedule posts whenever you want with free of cost. It sets the bar high for competing social media management tools.

2.Tweet deck- This is a popular web used for managing Twitter. This is totally free and perfect for those who need to manage multiple accounts, follow specific hash tags, and reply to lots of other users and see exactly what is being tweeted within time to time. This is meant for desktop web only.

3.Social Oomph- This app generally helps you to manage your twitter accounts for free and Pin interest, LinkedIn feeds and more if you upgrade. This app schedules your tweets, tracks keywords promotes your profiles shortens Url’s , purges your direct message Inbox and helps to create an unlimited number of profile accounts completely free of charge.

4.Every post- This tools allows you to share multimedia content across Face book, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Tumbler. It helps to customize your posts, schedules them for publishing later collaborate with other team members and get access to all your social analytics.

5.Social Flow- This takes a data-driven approach to social media with tools that allows you to publish according to when your users are most-active, launch goal based, advertisements and more. If you really need to make sense of your social activity this is the perfect app you want to use.

With our team of social media managers we can help promote your business with the right social media network to benefit your business and help it grow with full potential. This is the perfect site where you have come. With social media it is a more effective way of advertising than using the newspaper ads and radio broadcasts. For further details click on our website.