Here are the list of privacy policies that we adhere to for protecting, processing, utilizing, and maintaining the information provided by our clients.
1. Users have to fill up an online form that would need certain information corresponding to the services we offer. This would include details regarding name, email address, contact information, and project URL.
2. We shall only use your information while working on your queries. We are committed to access only that information given by you on our website and ensure its complete security thereon.
3. We do not sell or provide your personal information to any marketing or advertising agencies.
4. Our website is equipped with advanced security features, which is certainly protects your personal information from any unauthorized access or anything related to cyber crime.
5. When you are terminating the use of our services at any point of time, whatever the reason involved, we shall keep your information for certain period of time and within this period all the information would be safe like before.
6. Our privacy policy may change in the future and we hereby request our clients to cooperate and adapt accordingly. In case you have any issues with our privacy policies you are welcome to get in touch with us and clarify anything.
7. We don’t share your information with any third-party advertiser or allow any third-party links.
Our private policies are specifically designed to safeguard the interest of our client. We value your security and ready to go any extent so as to harmonize our professional relationship.
We now understand that you would decide upon exploring our website after going through the aforementioned terms. If you have any issues with our private policies then you are most welcome to contact us via Skype or email.